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Basic Medical Coding training

Coding Diabetes Mellitus with Assumed Conditions

Diabetes continues to be a challenge for coders since the new instruction/guideline was released in AHA Coding Clinic

Basic Medical Coding training

What is medical coding ?

In the intricate realm of healthcare, where precision and organization are paramount, medical coding emerges as a critical component.

Mastering Precision: 5 Best Practices for Accurate Medical Coding

Mastering Precision: 5 Best Practices for Accurate Medical Coding

In the complex world of healthcare administration, accurate medical coding is paramount.


What is HCPCS?

Medical coding plays a vital role in the healthcare industry by translating medical diagnoses, procedures, and services into universally recognized alphanumeric codes. These codes are used for various purposes, including billing, insurance claims, medical record-keeping, and healthcare analytics.

Basic Medical Coding training

Basic Medical Coding

The process of assigning alphanumeric codes to medical diagnoses, procedures, and services provided in healthcare.

Advance Medical Coding training

Advance Medical Coding

Advance Medical Coding (AMC) is a specialised field of the healthcare industry which involves with the transformation of medical diagnoses, procedures, services, and equipment into internationally accepted alphanumeric codes.

Certified Professional Coder training

Certified Professional Coder

healthcare professional who received certification from the American Academy of expert Coders (AAPC) is known as a Certified Professional Coder (CPC).

ICD-10 (HCC Based) training

ICD-10 (HCC Based)

Learn all about ICD-10(HCC Based) techniques with live coding practices, and support from expertise healthcare professionals in Re-Hunt Training Center chinniyamplayam, Coimbatore.

HCC Coding Compilance

HCC Coding Compliance: Avoid Revenue Loss and Fines in Healthcare

Accurate and thorough HCC coding plays a vital role in healthcare revenue generation by impacting risk-based reimbursement models such as Medicare Advantage plans